A fire blazed across a farmer’s fields.


Being a ways from the village meant that help would not arrive in time. The wheat crop was lost and the village suffered a year without grain for bread or beer. Seeing this, the farmer’s son asked, “What if we raised a bell tower so that we can signal for help if needed?” The farmer thought this was a good idea and got the townspeople to help build it. The bell tower became a landmark for the village and a gathering place for beer, bread, and celebration. 


Located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, Bell+Whete is a gastropub offering a wide selection of European beers along with eats inspired by Medieval staple foods. Headquarters wrote a folktale for them and crafted a brand that brought that fable to life.


We wove the story together by recommending the ancient Anglo-Norman spelling of “whete” for the name and using medieval woodcuts and a goblet and wheat inspired graphic system throughout all print and digital applications.