A Little Bit Goes a Long Way


In a small apartment in New York City, a young woman discovers the traditional South Indian way to prepare coffee; brewed strong like espresso and aerated with frothy milk. They call it "Kaapi" and she quickly realizes that it is nearly impossible to get these quality South Indian beans in the USA.


In 2013 she trekked her way across the mud-laden, back roads of Southern India to meet the finest growers and and bring their __ to the USA. We helped her turn her dream into a business. 


Since Ministry of Kaapi is a very small start-up, the packaging system is designed to be practical and affordable, with room for growth.


Hand made in small batches, a decoction, or coffee concentrate, is made from a traditional South Indian coffee filter. Smoother than espresso, yet slightly more caffeinated, a little goes a long way.


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